Aching muscles

Hello ^_^

I have forgotten what I did for the past couple of days so instead I’ll just write about what we did for the past 2 days. Yesterday I had to wake up at 7 am to go and meet the other guys at Bulgwang station, so we could go mountaineering at Bukhansan mountain. I got there half an hour early and since I wasn’t exactly dressed for hiking I was getting all kinds of stares from the other hikers who had their full gear on, it was slightly uncomfortable but there were a lot of nice old people amongst them who were trying to talk to me. Ten minutes later I was joined by one of the hiking supervisors and a little later came Victoria and Hannah who told us that Ashley and Jonny where down in the subway still waiting for Bennie who got lost on the way. The story of how Bennie got lost was that he went to buy burgers so that he would have food to eat then and as lunch later on and the rest of the guys couldn’t wait any more so they went looking for him and missed him coming back to the station and thinking they left him. He then went back to the dorm to ask Mitzi for the station name and came a little later. The rest of the guys took the underground after they couldn’t find Bennie any more and met me at the meeting point. The main supervisor came like 10 min after the rest arrived and Bennie followed shortly. We then walked a 10 min walk to the entrance of the mountain before we started to hike this huge and extremely steep mountain. On the way to the mountain we kept encountering the other hikers in their full gear and we really thought it was just for show but later we realized that every piece of equipment they carried was a valuable necessity. The beginning of the hike wasn’t too bad and nobody had too much trouble getting up. But as we kept on getting higher and higher I started having breathing problems and the path was getting too dangerous for Ashley to climb as he cannot see too well and the path was mountain terrain with huge boulders that you had to climb with both hands and legs. about 40 min into the hike it was decided that Ashley couldn’t go on any more and I decided to head back down as well and help Ashley get back home because there was no way that I was going to be able to breathe if I went any further. I hadn’t had problems with my breathing since I was like 10 years old and I was freaking out a little, it was probably caused by the humidity, altitude and the fact that I am not the fittest person on this planet. The view was so beautiful even at the hight at which I quit and I was so angry at my self for giving up and missing the view at the top. Bennie and Jonny helped Ashley get back down and the climb down was even harder than the climb back up, I kept slipping a couple of times and the guys worried that I got hurt but it was just that my shoes didn’t have the right kind of grip and caused me to slip. It didn’t hurt at the time but now my ankle hurts a little but the worst thing was the fact that I was totally drenched in sweat, I am not the type of person who sweats since I am always cold but by god all my clothes were soaked with sweat and sticky and by the time we reached the entrance of the mountain my legs were about to give up. There we said by to Bennie, Jonny and one of the supervisors and me and Ashley headed back to the dorms.

At the dorm we met Mitzi and she convinced me to come to the national museum with her which I did after like an hour of rest and freshening up. The museum was huge and the park in front of it is so big and beautiful, I just wanted to sit there and chilax. After walking around the park for a long time taking pictures we decided to go into the museum and the first thing I noticed and fell in love with was the architecture, its a really big and spacious building which just makes you feel at home or reminds you of school trips to the museum as a kid. The first floor has artefacts of the earlier Korean dynasties such as the Joseon and silla dynasties and the crown pieces were really impressive with the intricate decorations of it. The tiredness caught up with me and Mitzi also felt a little tired so we decided to head back and do a little shopping and buy a pizza on the way before we went back to her room. By the time we got back it was around 8 and the guys were back from the climb and most of them were asleep so we talked with Hannah and Ashley for little while before I had to go back to my homestay.

Today we went to the place were they film most of Korea’s films and dramas and a film was being filmed there but we weren’t allowed to go and see it. The set of JSA was there and I go to see the set of the drama Chuno and others aswell. It was really worth waking up at 7 am again for this trip and rest of the guys all had muscle pains from their climb the yesterday and Hannah was sunburned. Jonny had gone out last night and was still struggling with a hangover and had a painful ankle on top of that but everyone enjoyed the trip and the scenery there is just breathtaking. I really enjoyed these things. Today we were also joined by our new Korean friend Jaewon, he is the nicest guy ever and he is Bennie’s buddy just like Semi and Yu-jin are mine and B’s buddies. Some of the other Korean student from our class also joined us for this trip and one of the ladies treated us by buying us the entrance ticket for one of the places, Koreans are really lovely people, they are really warm hearted and our lectures was so considerate that he bought me, B and Bennie tuna sandwiches because we wouldn’t have been able to eat the kimbab with he meat other wise. Nearly all of us were sleeping on the return journey because we are so tired. I am going to sleep now so that I can wake up later and watch the world cup final between my dearest Holland vs Spain who I also like very much, I am really sad for the Uruguayans because they deserved the 3rd place as much as Germany did. Now all I can say is Go ORANJE!

The one other thing we did in the past week was go to the Han river in the evening and I just simply loved the place and we are planning on camping out there one night and staying there until sunrise.  It was fun spending time with Jason and Theo, they are really cool.

the pics are on facebook xx aby


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