Update on what we did for the last few days.

Hello everyone ^_^

For the last few days we have been going out and about non stop and it is seriously catching up with us now. I will try and remember what we did in the order that we did them in. The second day after arriving here we had an introductory meeting with the lecturers, dean and the rest of the staff that we will come in contact with over the course of our stay. We had to be at Donguk university at 12pm and we arrived with our buddies Semi and Yu-jin at around half past eleven and walked to the room we needed to be at. There we met up with the rest of the guys, Yenni (who is our New Korean cinema module lecturers assistant). The introduction was not too long, it was about an hour long and after that we had our first class for the new korean cinema module and we had to stand up and introduce ourselves, where we are from, what we study and if we watch Korean movies regularly. Most of us were quite nervous doing that but after that we watched our first film for the course and it turned out to be an older film called Mulberry and I have to say that it was way too erotic for my liking, but it was funny as hell. Since the film was around 2 hours long and the intro took us around an hour, the class finished and we had to leave the discussion for the next day. The next thing on the programme was this special option lecture on being cool trendy city hunters and that was a lecture by these 2 Dutch professors who were seriously funny and I really enjoyed that talk and will definitely take part in their project, they asked us were we were from and when they found out I lived in Holland and speak Dutch they decided to hold conversion with me before and after class, it was quite nice. After the classes ended we decided to check out myeongdong which is pretty famous for its shopping and we were amazed by all we saw, it was a bubbly bustling place with all kinds of shops and stalls and a people of various nationalities. Because we were so hungry we decided to eat and we went to a traditional korean restaurant were we order Bibimbab which was just delicious and the side dishes which were kimchi and squid were unbelievably delicious, I just couldn’t believe I was eating squid. Afer we finished eating we had this sweet cold plum tea with which I have falling in love with and after that we left the restaurant to explore the area. Whilst we were there taking pictures of Bigbang members posters which were on a wall there were these 2 Japanese girls who asked me to take a picture of them posing with the Bigbang posters and I was surprised by the fact that I had started speaking Japanese to them automatically and by the fact that I could actually hold a conversation with them,they were surprised themselves but they were very happy to have found other fans here. We went our separate ways afterwards and went to check out the rest of the place, Mitzi and B were taking pictures with all the cut out life size posters of celebrities that we encountered on the way, they were seriously on a mission and as you can see on the pictures on facebook I was a little sucked in at the end as well because I must have overcome the  embarrassment that I felt when all the people passing by us were looking at us posing with posters. After this we decided to head back home by dropping Mitzi of at the dorms which are like 10 min walking from Myeongdong.

The next day we watched another slightly erotic film called the Surrogate which was a bit bland but still thought provoking and we finished at 5 and decided to just walk around places and chill at the dorms with the rest of the guys. We also met these others who live at the dorms, there is Jason who is a Korean guy but is from Canada who is studying genetics and wants to be a surgeon and he is also here for a month, he is really friendly and cool to hang out with. Then there is Theo, she is a girl from Romania and is Jason’s friend but she is really the sweetest person you could meet and she is currently studying  Korean here. There is also this other girl but I forgot her name, she is Czech and studies Engineering ,I ended up having theological discussion with her Jason and Bennie and Ashley which was quite nice and in the process we were trying to solve her love triangle and life dilemma-that was weird but strangely fun.Then there are quite a few Chinese student who are nice to hang out with at the dorm. I left B at the dorm to sleep with Mitzi for the night because she wanted to watch the Holland match so badly and one of us had to go back home to get our passports because the next day which was Saturday we were going to go to the DMZ tour.

The DMZ tour was very tiring as I had to be at the dorm by 7 am to give B a change of clothes so she could get ready and we could all be picked up from there, this meant that I needed to be up by 5 am and I had only slept 2 hours before. but I overslept and I woke up at 6 am and had to rush like crazy to shower, dress and be ready and out of the house by 6.30 am. Somehow I managed this and took a taxi to the dorms because I would be late otherwise. I arrived there we got ready and were picked up by the tour bus-I tried to take pictures on the bus and some of the others have better pics which I hope they upload. The DMZ was pretty cool and we got to go to one of the tunnels that the north dug to get into the south and by god was that tunnel going down steep or what, the down wards part was easy enough and all and inside the tunnel there was this part were you could drink this natural spring water which was like the best water I ever drank anywhere. The up ward trek was a killer one and Mitzi nearly had an asthma attack because of it and she didn’t bring an inhaler, so we had to go slowly and take regular brakes,during which we got to talk to all these other tourists from China and Japan, mainly old couples who were pretty nice. Sadly we didn’t get to go to the border with the north because it is only available on specified dates but we had enough seeing the freedom bridge and the station from which trains to the north could run if there is peace one day. After that we headed back to Seoul and ate food somewhere near Ittaewon, this also were the group split up as me, Bennie, Jason, Ashley and Theo decided to explore Ittaewon, Mitzi and B wanted to go back and sleep and  Jonathan, Victoria and Hannah went to Insadong. Ittaewon was an amazing place to be and there were so many westerners there that it practically felt like we were back home-I have never been so happy to see black people before lol but I was. After walking around there for a while we went into this German bar and had some drinks there and it was surprising that we went to a bar but none of us was drinking any alcohol. Theo had to leave a but early so it was just me and the guys who chilled around for a bit before we went back to the dorms were I met up with a B and Mitzi who were sleeping as if they were corpses and I rested for half an hour before I had to leave for this dinner in Ittaewon at a Bulgarian restaurant we had with two Keele university alumna’s called Luke and Elizabeth who were really good to get on with. They are both teachers here in Korea currently and we got to chat with them for a while and eat some great food (that was the first time I ate Bulgarian food). Mitzi and B didn’t go with us as they were really deep in sleep but the rest of us did go.After the dinner we went to this Night club district which called Hongdae (minus Bennie who went home to watch the match) which is famous for its street performances and there were these guys called Soundbox performing there and it was amazing, the guy had the most attractive voice- I loved the crowd the music and the whole atmosphere and I am so going back there with the guys. When the performances finished late in the night we went to this night club which has these awesome performers but it was a little too crowded and loud for me at that time and I decided to go back to Mitzi’s room in the dorm with Annette.  When we got to the station the station was closing and catching  Taxi turned out to be a bit of an adventure for us but eventually we found one and he dropped Annette of at her Hotel and me at the dorms. When I got there I found out that I was locked out and had to sit outside until these guys came and opened the door for me and I went in and came across Bennie who just finished watching Germany vs Argentina, and he told me the 4-0 score happily. I went to sleep soon afterwards because I was seriously tired and B and Mitzi woke up then.

On sunday we went to Kangnam which is like the most fashion area and roamed around there, at Mexican food (the servings were massive)-it is the most beautifully designed area in my opinion and after hours of searching we bought Sunny a present and went home at around 10pm.

Today we had class and after that we met Sunny at Myeongdong and chilled with her and ate at this pizza place called mister Pizza-they have some delicious pizza with sweet potato that were to die for- I feel like I am in food heaven here but I am still losing weight too. After the meal we ate the cake we got from basking robbins and sang a birthday song for Sunny. Then we decided to head home as it was around 9 something and we had a bus to catch and a metro back home.

I will update less frequently than I want to because I really don’t have the time xxx aby -most pics are on facebook


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