Korea trip-Arrival 30th June!

After a 20 hour Journey from Birmingham through Dubai we finally arrived in Seoul Korea. We looked like a bunch of people that have been thrown down a field or something but we were quite excited. On this trip there are 8 of us student and Annette our coordinator. These students are Ashley,Bennie, Balqiisa, Hannah,Jonathan,  Mitzi, Victoria and myself. The journey from Birmingham wasn’t too uncomfortable and I managed to watch 2 films and listened to Rain entertain myself  and if I wasn’t a little scared to crash at the back of my head I would have listened to more music but instead I opted for the prayer route instead of instant hell fire if I died in that state and thank god we arrived safe and sound in Dubai. Dubai airport was grand and beautiful and we were all discussing how we could totally live there for ages if we got stuck there for any reason. The first thing we headed for was any place that would sell food and as we stumbled across burger king it was like heaven for Balqiisa and myself as we couldn’t let the opportunity of a halal burger king go to waste, especially after the really awful food we had on the plane. So we ate to our hearts content, which really wasn’t much because we weren’t really hungry at that time but I will definitely eat more on the return journey. Here we also learned the fact that we get charged for receiving calls abroad because I phoned Bennie to find out which part of the airport he was in and his credit was also used up along with mine. After the food we walked to our terminal and sat around with the rest of the group until we could board and here I saw this woman which I could nearly swear is this Korean actress that I really love and I was debating with myself whether I should ask or not, in the end I chickened out because I got all shy-I really need to work on that. A little while later we boarded and like the previous flight I had the window seat with Mitzi in the seat next to me and Ashley next to her. Vicky and Johnny sat together in the next set of seats and be sat behind us and in front of us on the previous flight, Bennie and Hannah were seated together at the back. Me and Mitzi tried to watch films but felt to tired so we ended up falling asleep and taking turns in who can sit in a comfortable position whilst sleeping, and that lasted us a few hours until food was served. After the food we tried with the films again but ended up sleeping instead, until the next meal. I didn’t really eat the food because the previous meal was making me feel sick so I only ate the crackers and finally decided to finish the film which was one of Kang won don’s films and I really like that actor, it was a comedy and it made me forget my upset stomach so all was good again. Most of the others were either sleeping the whole flight or slept on and of.  A few hours later we arrived in Seoul and went through the usual procedures of Immigration, luggage and being picked up by me and Balqiisa’s home-stay buddies, Semi and Yu-jin who are lovely girls with who were really get along. There we separated from Annette, Mitzi and Ashley who went straight to the dorms and the rest of us took the bus to the university where we got briefed by the staff with who are going to help us, they are really helpful and sweet. When the briefing was done the rest of us split up and me and B came to the house with the girl and the other guys went to their rooms at the dorm. The girls apartment is nice and comfy and they bough us snacks which we ate with them whilst we got to know each other, it was really fun.

This was yesterdays events and I will write today’s events which were so much fun tomorrow when I am less tired as it is 3 am here at the moment. I am sorry I couldn’t condense it more or elaborate more on some parts because my mind is a little foggy at the moment. xxx  Aby


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  1. Hodan Said:

    This is so cool! I actually feel like im gonna get to experience the whole trip with u lot. Halal Burger king you say? Must try wen i get to Dubai.

    Whose the actress you thought you saw? did you drama wiki her wen u got home?lol.

    PS: tell B she’s a bitch and needs to send long messages if we cant be online at the same time. and remind her we are leaving on Sunday so we gotta figure out sum way of contacting her properly before that.

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